Music Explosion: Little Bit O’ Soul

Something about those three chords:


Original sync:

Major covers:

Where the “original original” gets second billing:

The Music Explosion regarded as pivotal to garage rock.


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If one knew the exit was sooner, how might one’s behaviour change?

Sometimes a burst, sometimes nothing at all.




Self-generated last rites

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Old Guard Suspension

McMaster suspensions, without pay, fall of 2013.

Five senior faculty at the business school.

Summary of report that led to suspensions is here.

The toxicity

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Song by Paul Hardcastle from 1985 that was new to me. Not new to more than a million others:

Where much of the footage is from Vietnam Requiem, addressing post-traumatic stress of Vietnam veterans.

Average age

When the brain matures at 25

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When reflecting on one’s time, is it preferable, if not necessary, to perceive that one has made a difference? To be able to point out to a particular incident that defines one’s contribution, assuming that one needs definition?

Some take the position that it doesn’t matter what one does in life, as long as that which one is doing is in accordance with religious principles. Follow the religion and the religious mark is made, with your role as functionary.

When does one create one’s own future paradise
When does one need to create one’s own future paradise

The bonds of retribution

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Saw the 2016 film by and about James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. So many scenes of perfect elocution, speaking without hesitation:

A barrister who never was.

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External Acceleration

Friend found out that a number of people her friends knew were coming to Canada to give birth. Paying for private medical care. The issue of “instant citizenship” was one matter, but the other question for her is why people from outside of Canada could pay for preferred medical care, while people within Canada could not.

Turns out it is becoming bigger business in Canada, with certain hospitals setting up specific programs to welcome foreign payors:

Public Hospitals Prifiting from Foreign Patients

Marleen Troster and Francesca Fionda, Global News, March 5, 2015

Canadian patients cannot pay for treatment in a publicly funded hospital. That would violate Canada’s Health Act. But foreign patients can.

And it’s been happening inside hospitals at Toronto’s University Health Network – known as UHN – for more than three years.

Pierre Laplante has been a nurse for some 40 years. He was shocked back in the spring of 2012 when he started asking questions about some patients from Libya…

Since 2011 UHN has treated 621 foreign patients, mostly cancer and cardiac patients, from 23 different countries. Those patients generated nearly $30 million in profits.

“I was point blank told at this stage of the game that they were bringing in revenues for the unit.”

The hospital profited from these patients. And few, if any, Canadians knew about it until Laplante went public. “I don’t feel as a nurse, as an Ontarian, as a Canadian that I was properly consulted on having these patients brought here. It’s medical tourism without Canadian knowledge.”

When a Canadian wishes to pay for accelerated service, the Canadian must go to another country.


What comes up in these conversations is the Australian health care model–private and public sector choices…

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