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Price II

In relation to an article concerning the history of the “Price of Peace” monument in Ortona, Italy, a couple of pictures and commentary were forwarded to me, as here: The Price of Peace was Bob Surette’s first and only public … Continue reading

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From Brian Busby (ed.), Great Canadian Speeches: Words The Shaped A Nation (2008). Extract from a radio address to the nation by William Lyon Mackenzie King, April 7, 1942, in relation to a pending national plebiscite on conscription: When those … Continue reading

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Where did this

The first Aktion was perpetrated by the Gestapo on October 12, 1941, under the command of the infamous Hans Krueger. It was rumoured that Jews would be “resettled”… There was no resettlement. The Jews who had been rounded up were … Continue reading

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Love and War: Well-Dressed Victors

Came across this film about how German soldiers in World War II France became acceptable social companions and regarded as great “contributors” to wartime France, including order in bordellos, among other matters. Romance with the victor: Amour et Sexe Sous … Continue reading

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