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Mohammed as Reformer

Was speaking with a person about the difficulties of establishing a legally defensible Islamic will in Ontario. Have written and made presentations on the topic. The difficulty is that the female spouse must be considered to have freely given up … Continue reading

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Moral to Legal

Have written about how estate plans can be challenged by dependent adult children. In Ontario, this is based on factual dependency being established. In particular, that parents continued to support an adult child in a manner where his or her … Continue reading

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Islamic Wills and Powers of Attorney

About this time last year, gave a presentation at an Ottawa Musalla in relation to Islamic wills, powers of attorney and general estate issues. Here for others who might be interested. Overview of the presentation: 12 11 Islamic Wills Presentation … Continue reading

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More Than The Moment

Regularly ask people to consider getting down some of their impressions, reflections. When they speak, easy to hear much that is beyond the moment and would be of benefit if heard or read by others. Could be the way someone … Continue reading

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Endless Loop: Estranged

He was an impoverished client, looking to write a will. Actually, in such circumstances, it is not the will that is most important, but the power of attorney for property and the power of attorney for personal care, to be … Continue reading

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Joint Ending

When married couples separate, often there is so much disagreement over the children and immediate financial issues that property, will and estate issues get overlooked. I am aware of one situation where a married couple separated, and the spouse who … Continue reading

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Predatory Marriage II

I have written about the legal effects of predatory marriages, and the concerns that arise in relation to the relative ease with which such marriages are held to be valid. Some have made important suggestions as to how to counter … Continue reading

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Wills Registry

Watching John Goodman–Jim Broadbent version of The Borrowers with my younger daughter. One of a number of films she likes to see more than once. Remembering the scene where Goodman, as the family’s duplicitous lawyer, finds a will and then … Continue reading

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Maximizing Social Assistance, Despite Other Resources

Most jurisdictions have some form of social support for those who need help and have no other resources. In Ontario, apart from municipal welfare programs, there is the Ontario Disability Support Program. It is there to help those who, for … Continue reading

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More than filling in the form

See the ads on television and elsewhere–buy the will kit. Spend a few dollars, plus shipping and handling. Fill it in and just as good as anything a lawyer might prepare, right? Encountering lawyers doing wills as a sideline. Just … Continue reading

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