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Wondered what it said about coming across old files and then putting up unpublished articles from thirty years ago, as here, here and here, or a non-academic publication from the same period, as here. Belief that the ideas still have … Continue reading

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Modest Indifference

I encourage students, in the context of group research projects on accounting academics (part of an Accounting Theory course), to consider starting a Wikipedia article, or contributing to a Wikipedia article on the academic studied. Also hoping that some will … Continue reading

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Have been contributing to the Billy Cowsill Wikipedia page. Wikipedia editors have serious concerns, and sometimes have major disagreements with format or content, or both. The current version of the page is here. The version I inaccurately thought was acceptable … Continue reading

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Xhemail Mustafa

Came across this 2000 Toronto Star article: Outspoken Kosovo activist gunned down in stairwell R. Jeffrey Smith Special to The Star November 24, 2000 PRISTINA, Yugoslavia–Xhemail Mustafa had long been an outspoken advocate in Kosovo of non-violent dissent… As he … Continue reading

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Came across this Ottawa Citizen article from July 1, 2003, concerning the funeral of Neda Hassani at Pinecrest Cemetery, in Ottawa. Wanted to write about her, find out what had happened, over ten years later. Then found that she had … Continue reading

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John Witmer: Canadian Shouter

I had vaguely recalled him as a lead singer for the Downchild Blues Band, as it then was known. Did an internet search and found out that he had died in 2004, at the age of 53. A couple of … Continue reading

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Keeper of The Flame, Alive or Dead

I have previously written about how challenging it can be to make a contribution to Wikipedia in an area where someone knows much more about the subject. Certain editors assume the role of particularly vigilant gatekeepers. For example, try to … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Serious Editors, Serious Criticism

Wikipedia is subject to multiple criticisms. I was also subject to multiple criticisms when I encouraged my students to consider contributing to Wikipedia, such as when they completed assignments on scholars in accounting or in sociology, when I have taught … Continue reading

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Margo Davidson and Creating Some Small Corner of Information: Wikipedia

I used to know Margo Davidson, who played with Parachute Club, a band that had a major hit in the 1980s with the song “Rise Up“: I had met her in 1978, when she was playing in Toronto bars with … Continue reading

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