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Its own beauty

Have written about weeds here, here and here. As the years go by, less and less grass, since no one municipally engaged to pull the weeds out, from the parks and other public areas. Plus, see more and more neighbours … Continue reading

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New Lawn Mower: Sheep

My friend had written about how ten lambs acted as lawn mowers on her country property. Turns out that this is something less uncommon. Meanwhile, back in Paris: Given all the overgrowth, everywhere, due to pesticide prohibitions…

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Dandelion III

Last year, wrote about civic and regional policies to do little about dandelions, other then to let them grow and destroy the grass, and then to pay public money to put down new sod. Also see the same thing this … Continue reading

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Dandelion II

“They’re just waiting for the sod,” (Ottawa Mayor Jim) Watson said Tuesday. He expects the new grass to arrive within the next five days. “We want to have it running for race weekend.” The Ottawa Race Weekend is May 26-27 … Continue reading

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Dandelion will make you wise Blow away, dandelion Was at my ex-wife’s house, celebrating Mothers’ Day, with our children. My ex-wife has a sense of situational perfection, both inside and out. In the sundown, looking out the back, saw the … Continue reading

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