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Song by Paul Hardcastle from 1985 that was new to me. Not new to more than a million others: Where much of the footage is from Vietnam Requiem, addressing post-traumatic stress of Vietnam veterans. Average age When the brain matures … Continue reading

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Tradition II

Wrote about Daniel Inouye concerns in relation to “pre-emptive strikes”. Then thought about Vietnam. If one does not attack unless one is attacked, where was the attack there? From commentary by John MacLaughlan Gray, “Media that obediently speak the language … Continue reading

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Best Middle School

“I went to the best middle school in the country,” he said. Mentioned this to a friend, who said “I went to the same school.” Saw both then in a particular light. Thought middle school meant Grades 7 to 9. … Continue reading

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Reading “The wounds of war“, by Carl Meyer, in the Embassy newspaper. How does one address Vietnamese government approach to dissent and human rights, given a history of foreign intervention in that country, leading to Vietnamese government views that much … Continue reading

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John Paul Vann

…as referenced to Bill Paxton movie, A Bright Shining Lie (1998): What was this John Paul Vann life…

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Easier Avenue

When discovering what was saved. From a review by Monika Jenson-Stevenson of Ho Chi Minh: A Life, by William J. Duiker (Globe and Mail, January 6, 2001, pp. D2-D3): The book presents a long list of “might have beens”. None … Continue reading

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So you went

Trying to get through the moment And time Eighteen, nineteen…

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Partner refers to mixed-race children, with admiration, as “hybrids”. Particularly if a mix of Asian and Caucasian. Big eyes on Asian face: absolute beauty, to her eye. My mother opposed mixed-race relationships, due to mixed-race children. Couldn’t quite figure this … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day Woods

(Vietnam veteran Ricky) Shaw, who has lived in the woods for two years, lifted his shirt to display shrapnel scars on his chest, abdomen and back, and then said: “But there are deeper, embedded scars, and they’re hard to heal. … Continue reading

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Educational Holdback

In the 1980s, had a student from Vietnam who mentioned that her husband was still in Vietnam. Asked her when he would arrive in Canada. She said she didn’t know, because he couldn’t get permission to leave. The reason? He … Continue reading

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