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From Maple Lodge Farms Inc. v. Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) 2016 CART 14 Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal/Commission de révision agricole du Canada Decision issued May 31, 2016. Traduction officielle suit. Addressing Outcomes Through Legislation and Regulation [81] While the … Continue reading

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In relation to “Maybe Yes, Peut-Être“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: You’d have to be a bilingual lawyer, with time on your hands, to figure this one out. Screens and screens of French followed by screens and screens of … Continue reading

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Maybe Yes, Peut-Être

Extrait de Ferme Alain Dufresne: Ferme Alain Dufresne inc. c. Canada (Agence canadienne d’inspection des aliments), 2015 CRAC 6 Ferme Alain Dufresne Inc. c. Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) 2015 CART 6 With English translation following… Contrôle judiciaire de la … Continue reading

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Ting Ting Tam II

Wrote previously about the Tam case, including a link to Chinese media. Here is the text: 华裔女子带肉入关被罚800 控歧视败诉 [复制链接] 纸风铃 发表于 2014-11-25 10:23:14 |只看该作者 |倒序浏览 一名华妇从中国带回猪肉制品,因未申报遭海关查获,罚款800元。她不服向“农业申诉庭”(CART)提出申诉,该庭认为海关官员是根据其族裔背景才检查行李,有歧视之嫌,因此无需缴罚款。但司法部上诉,联邦法官认为CART的裁定有误,退回重审。 许多华裔移民从原居地返回加拿大时都会携带当地特产,包括海关明文禁止的肉类或农产品。华裔女子谭婷婷(音译,Ting Ting Tam)2012年11月7日从中国返回加拿大时,在渥太华机场被查获携带猪肉制品。 当时海关第一线官员询问她是否有携带任何食物、植物、蔬菜或糖果等可食用物品,但她回答“没有”。由于官员发现她神色有异,于是要求她接受另一名海关官员的进一步检查。 移民从原居地返回加拿大,携带未申报的肉类或农产品,遭查获将被罚款。(图:CBSA提供) 结果在第二阶段检查(secondary examination)时,官员从她的行李中发现在中国购买的多种猪肉制品。于是加拿大边境服务署(CBSA)对其开出告发单(Notice of Violation),并罚款800元。 但谭婷婷不服,向加拿大农业申诉庭提出申诉,指第一线海关官员是因为她的华裔背景,才要求其接受第二阶段检查,有歧视之嫌。 农业申诉庭在审理这起案件时接受她的论点,因为该名官员在书面声明中指出,根据他过去的工作经验,经常有华裔人士从中国返回时携带农产品入境。于是在2013年12月24日裁定CBSA发出的告发单无效,谭婷婷无须缴纳罚款。 由于兹事体大,此例一开,无异于让农产防疫之门洞开,联邦司法部立即向联邦法庭提出司法覆核。 联邦法官认为,谭婷婷携带未申报的猪肉制品入关是事实,且农业申诉庭认定第一线官员要求她进行第二阶段检查的理由完全是基于族裔背景,这种立论也不成立,因为该名官员在声明中已指出,谭婷婷当时神色紧张,举止有异,才会要求她进一步检查。 且官员在执行勤务时,根本不可能完全排除受过往经验的影响,因此法官认定“农业申诉庭”的裁决有误,撤销原裁定,退回农业申诉庭重审。 … Continue reading

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Ting Ting Tam

The original Tribunal decision is here. The Federal Court of Appeal decision, reversing the Tribunal and requiring the Tribunal to reconsider, is here. The second Tribunal decision, on reconsideration, is here. Various commentaries and news reports may be found here, … Continue reading

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Saw oneself as would not be

Taking plane Ottawa-Toronto return, in relation to Tribunal hearing. To and from Toronto Pearson. Total travel time each way being roughly five or so hours. Most of it waiting time, clearance time, time time. All these waiting lines. Waiting for … Continue reading

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When presiding at Tribunal hearings, the practice is to wear robes, despite the role being quasi-judicial. Many, if not most administrative tribunals, do not adopt this practice. Was considering ditching the robe, based on appearing to be some judge wannabe. … Continue reading

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Substantive Honour II

The honour of three year reappointment, two and a half years into the initial appointment. A feeling of playing smaller contributing role to a much larger legal environment. Quasi-judicial to judicial. All the well-wishers. Faith and confidence. Continuing amazement. Minister … Continue reading

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