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He would call me late at night from somewhere on the road, a ghost town in Texas, a rest stop near Pittsburgh, or from Santa Fe, where he was parked in the desert, listening to the coyotes howling. Patti Smith, … Continue reading

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Fan Letter

Once knew someone at the beginning of her acting career. She later achieved international success as a voice actress. Didn’t know her then, and don’t know her now. Somebody saw her in an early play, not one on a major … Continue reading

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Sometimes a line, or two…

…says more than a book. Came across a couple like that: I write plays because writing dialogue is the only respectable way of contradicting yourself. Tom Stoppard, as quoted by Keith Garebian in “A lifetime of roles”. Review of Ira … Continue reading

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Came across 2001 profile of Richard Ouzounian, “Richard’s Party”, by Michael Posner (Globe and Mail, January 6, 2001, p. R7). Just before the opening of Larry’s Party, a musical Ouzounian had co-written, as lyricist, with musical collaborator Marek Norman, based … Continue reading

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“Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future”

Saw the words on the arms of somebody behind the counter at a fast food restaurant. Had to look more closely to see the words. Only saw one arm: “Every sinner has a future”. She showed me both arms, and … Continue reading

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Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson. First saw her at a double bill a the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa in 1972 or so: Women In Love (1969), for which she won the 1970 Oscar as Best Actress, and Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971), for which … Continue reading

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Naive Intention

One of my legal colleagues referred to me as a “naive dupe” over this front page legal news. I blew up, blowing my cover. Easier to play the timid, the doddering and the gullible, the older one gets. Easier to … Continue reading

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All in the face

When watching movies, often watching more the face than the larger action. Dialogue often less important than the emotion in the face. Certain actors have this ability to convey so much, with few, if any words. Multiple scenes of Kurt … Continue reading

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Strength in No Second Takes

When I saw The Who in 1969, I was struck by how expressionless drummer Keith Moon was, contrary to the manic style for which he was more commonly known. He played superbly, but without looking at either the audience or … Continue reading

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Denis Simpson

Late last fall, my ex-wife told me that she had learned that Denis Simpson had died. We were both shocked. To us, this was the “Polka Dot Door” Denis Simpson, a famous Canadian children’s entertainer, such as is found here: … Continue reading

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