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So much goes back

Encountered this story: Police uncover plot by terrorists to bomb World Cup Police have uncovered a plot by Islamic extremists to mount a bombing campaign against the World Cup soccer tournament next summer in France, the Sunday Times reported yesterday. … Continue reading

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Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, the country’s top Islamic authority, condemned what he called “the disgusting terrorist operation that was carried out by extremists against our Christian brethren.” He quoted the prophet Muhammad as having declared: “Whoever harms a person … Continue reading

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As it then was

Came across this 2014 Associated Press story by Ali Akbar Dareini, based in Tehran, as extracted from the Times of Israel coverage, November 24, 2014: Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists: At international conference, Sunni and Shiite scholars … Continue reading

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Renewed Violence

From the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1947, p. 1, as reprinted in the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1999 p. A18: Renewed Violence Marks Sabbath in Holy Land Jerusalem, Feb. 16 (AP)–Two slayings, a kidnapping, and one arson attempt, … Continue reading

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The Day Before

Uncredited article, from National Post news services, Monday, September 10, 2001 at A11(extract): Taleban may swap prisoners KABUL – The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s ruling Taleban said yesterday the hardline movement might consider swapping eight detained foreign aid workers for … Continue reading

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Call The Name?

Did a search of “Catholic terrorism“. Did a search of “Protestant terrorism“. Did a search of “Christian terrorism“. Within the “Catholic terrorism” search–actually, the first hit on the search–was this article by Karen Armstrong, “The label of Catholic terror was … Continue reading

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Victims Here

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): The nun says he (the Boston bomber) is sorry and shouldn’t receive the death penalty. His lawyers sent her, because he wouldn’t come himself. He didn’t testify and say he was … Continue reading

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Sin to The Eye

The video of the murder by immolation of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh is readily available on the internet. I asked Neil Remington Abramson and Lorne Anderson whether they had watched it or would watch it. Neil and Lorne commented as … Continue reading

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Lockdown Concentration

So the law firm building is locked down and the news and more news. One tries to focus, if only to defy something not yet known, or understood.

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Weathermen Religion II

Wrote about how the mind gets lost. Seems that a political cult driver is associated with fear of the countervailing power of religion. The anti-religion of Communism, Nazism. A friend commented that when religion is in the mix, it is … Continue reading

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