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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When we were at the very high tech Airbnb in Tokyo, there was a washing machine that did the thinking for you. You load the clothes. It tells you how much water and how … Continue reading

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Electronic Wall of Shyness

From an article by Dave Finlayson, “Adult shyness on the rise in modern society”, National Post, May 10, 1999: D2 (as originally published in the Edmonton Journal): At least half of us suffer sufficiently from the fear of facing strangers … Continue reading

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Just want to turn the key

When it comes to automobiles, there seems to be an appreciation on the part of some manufacturers (though not on the part of most auto manual writers) that most people have little interest in “playing auto mechanic”. Want to be … Continue reading

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Tactile II

In a waiting room. Several magazines on the table. Started to read articles in detail. Hadn’t read a magazine like that for some time. All online. Same with newspapers. At time of researching and writing the dissertation, in the days … Continue reading

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Missed Connection

Camus is sweet on you Vancouver Sun Letter to the Editor of October 6, 2014, as referred to me by Neil Remington Abramson: Last year, my forestry class went on a nature walk to see the trees we had been … Continue reading

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