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Double Breakfast

Mother on bus speaking with acquaintance as to how her son has two breakfasts, every day. One at home, and then one at the breakfast program at school. OK by her. Plus OK that the program exists, since otherwise, as … Continue reading

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Project City

…or rather, some towns, it seems. Various members of the law firm find that there are concentrations of criminal and family matters in certain smaller communities, where major industry is long gone. Younger people seem to spend longer periods living … Continue reading

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Back to Persepolis

In relation to how the imposed “modest” attire for women becomes a symbol of larger oppressions. Persepolis:

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Missing Persons

Police staff shortage in relation to missing persons. Values reflected in… Staff shortage handcuffs Ottawa police missing person unit Ottawa South News By Erin McCracken March 10, 2016 The temporary reassignment of one of two Ottawa police investigators who handle … Continue reading

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She said her family found him too “villagey”. Apparently a big thing in that part of the world. Those from the villages seen as socially less sophisticated than those from the cities. Another spoke of how “she looks like she … Continue reading

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Economic Measure, Cycle

In terms of some trying to develop an economic measure of happiness, and finding people in Vancouver particularly unhappy, a particular city phenomenon that is more commonly acknowledged, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follow (reproduced with permission) We have an … Continue reading

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Found this news story from 1998. Five years dead next door, and nobody notices. Christmas lights continuing to flash: Corpse watched TV for 5 years Imre Karacs in Bonn Friday, 20 November 1998 For five years little notices have been … Continue reading

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