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Back to Persepolis

In relation to how the imposed “modest” attire for women becomes a symbol of larger oppressions. Persepolis:

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This idea of so much control by men. Of women, and their public appearance. How it is driven by religion, or culture as reinforced by religion. This concept of “public decency” being referenced to how women present. If considered too … Continue reading

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Community Leader

So many non-elected persons purport to lead, followed by representations to government that such persons have particular influence. Or followed by attempts to influence. Would seem that elected officials should be somewhat cautious in relation to the “I am a … Continue reading

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Owns one half of This whole town Wrote about how I and my childhood friend, Neil Remington Abramson, have fond memories of our hometown of Saskatoon. Also highlighted some decidedly different sentiments from Daryl. Daryl comments further, as follows (reproduced … Continue reading

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New York Street Halal

On the recommendation of Harvey Glatt, I have subscribed to The Lefsetz Letter for the last couple of years. Bob Lefsetz primarily comments on the state of the music industry and particular bands, past and present. that he admires. From … Continue reading

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