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In relation to “Decani”, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: My wife and I were in the Balkans last summer. Our guide Ivan, a Bulgarian mountaineer and son of a prominent Bulgarian communist writer, had strong ideas about vengeance, and … Continue reading

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Came across a story by Philip Smucker, “An oasis of tolerance in final holy battleground”, subtitled “Christian monk dissents from religiously inspired violence”, Toronto Star, June 20, 1998, p. L18: In time of peace, Muslim Albanians come from the surrounding … Continue reading

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Nataša Ninković

Saw Nataša Ninković in the film Savior. 1998 film starring Dennis Quaid, about the war in Bosnia. 1998 film seen sixteen years later. Full film currently up: Subtitled extract: Serbian profile. So much in the face:

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