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From an article in Ontario Farmer, February 19, 2013, p. 23: Foreign land deals hurting poor Third World farmers Foreign investment in farmland is having some devastating effects in Third World countries, says an article by Britain’s Guardian newspaper. The … Continue reading

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Final at Mosaic

As reported in relation to final Saskatchewan Roughriders game at Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Craig Slater, Canadian Press, “Lions beat Roughriders in final CFL game at Mosaic Stadium“, National Post, October 29, 2016: The Riders, already eliminated from playoff contention, dropped … Continue reading

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Pigeon Race

Learn a lot about someone after a divorce, when people seem to be more free to talk more. My ex-wife and I passed by a recently torn-down building, where lots of pigeons were milling about the brick carnage. Seemed like … Continue reading

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Southern Saskatchewan: Cancel The Curvature

In relation to “Les Fransaskois“, Neil Remington Abramson commented on southern Saskatchewan, as follows (reproduced with permission): The land is as flat as a billiard table. The horizon is a thin straight line, separating land and sky. Telephone poles rear … Continue reading

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Les Trois Accords: Saskatchewan

Originally published on Canada Day, 2013. Coming back, with “Les Fransaskois“: J’ai laissé ma femme En Saskatchewan En mon retour Saskatchewan Se m’a pris ma femme Les Trois Accords. Drama of lost love in Saskatchewan: Quebec hit. Canada Day dimension. … Continue reading

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Les Fransaskois

Reading an article in La Rotonde, from March 9, 2015, by Alex Jürgen Thumm. Alex Jürgen Thumm being a Saskatchewan native of German descent who identifies himself as Fransaskois: Une fransaskoisie inclusive …En grandissant à Saskatoon, une ville presque aussi … Continue reading

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Was looking for some information on the Regina riot of July 1, 1935. Came across a site put together by Saskatchewan Archives. Then came across this link to the Sask. Archives Board Photo Blog (their short form, not mine). Found … Continue reading

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