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All this cycle

Blasts and bombs, all this will go on, of course, because those whose women and children are being killed for nothing will also try to use force to eliminate their adversaries. This is a natural process and it is yet … Continue reading

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Some people can remember a particular high school teacher, such as here and here. Rare that one sees one’s entire secondary school education as being consistently excellent, pedagogically. Came across book by Alex Levin, Under the Yellow & Red Stars … Continue reading

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Detected an accent. Asked her how many languages did she speak. Three. English, French and Spanish? No, English, Armenian and Russian. How so? I was born in Armenia. Then there was the earthquake in 1988. We stayed in Armenia until … Continue reading

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Peacetime Decline

Came across 2001 article by Levon Sevunts, “Clinton policy restarted cold war”, Montreal Gazette February 8, 2001: A16. Article relates to book by Dr. Stephen Cohen, Failed Crusade: America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia. Had wondered why the Soviet … Continue reading

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Cleansing Inclinations

Happened again. This time in Libya. Happened again. This time in Russia. Focus in Libya on mistreatment of black Libyans, basically blamed for everything. Not much reporting of same. Focus in Russia on migrant workers, most considered to be Muslim, … Continue reading

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