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Getting to

Neil Remington Abramson, a Presbyterian Elder, commented as follows, I have been studying Zen precepts. These are the sixteen Zen Buddhist precepts, equivalent to the Ten Commandments in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The initiate begins by studying the first five and … Continue reading

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Transubstitute II

In relation to “Transubstitute“, concerning views in relation to transubstantiation, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I don’t know why the bread and wine wouldn’t be symbolically (or even really) the body and blood of Christ. If you believe… As … Continue reading

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As a child at church, this notion of transubstantiation. Host in the Catholic service was the actual body of Christ. Direct receipt of the spirit, premised on “I am not worthy to receive You”, as part of the service. Thought … Continue reading

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From The Maestro, by Tim Wynne-Jones (1995), where a world-famous pianist and composer explains his choice to live in rustic isolation: But when I actually came here, I knew what I needed more than health, even more than the quiet, … Continue reading

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somebody said what purity

With its history of pederasts. With one still having to ask for a Papal apology. Where one looks for that purity of Light. Where one is in a back pew, on one’s knees, in disgrace. Always in disgrace. And still … Continue reading

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Need for Satan

She said, as an atheist: It is easier to address evil. No Devil to blame. One sees it in people. Nothing to fall back on. Maybe not. When faced with evil, and when opposing evil, one is guarding against one’s … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows, in relation to “One Day, I Knew“: Here’s a nice Scottish version, with bagpipes. Good Presbyterian stuff, I guess.

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