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From Bruce Cockburn’s Rumours of Glory (2014): God is not a social phenomenon. When a group of humans try to make him that, their faith slides into superstition, often pathological.

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Bruce Cockburn in Rumours of Glory (2014): The angels intervene and temporarily blind the would-be rapists swarming outside. They tell Lot to collect his family and get out of town because God is going to nuke Sodom, and he’ll destroy … Continue reading

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From the tree

Neil Remington Abramson, a Presbyterian elder, commented as follows: I always thought the two religious traditions of my family were Anglican through my father, and Lutheran through my mother, and I was always happy with Anglican. I regarded Presbyterian as … Continue reading

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Worshiping Trees

Asked a political person why some in politics seemed to be such protectors of Falun Gong. Seemed like a cult. Remembered a reception involving a Chinese official who, in personal conversation, expressed such sentiments. Though maybe cult-like elements are found … Continue reading

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Chapel Science

In “The Chapel“, Lorne Anderson writes, in part, as follows: I was in England last month and spent a day in Cambridge, seeing some but not all of the famous university… The school isn’t centralized on one campus…but is spread … Continue reading

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Frailty of Interpretation

Came across this article by Tom Harpur, “Churches must update creeds”, Toronto Star, March 25, 2001, p. F2, in relation to the view that the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, collectively spoken in Christian religious services, needed to be … Continue reading

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In relation to “Christ, Herod“, being an extract from a sermon by Neil Remington Abramson, Maggie Keith commented as follows: I see the sermon as perfectly Presbyterian, as we aren’t fundamentalist. I was at a seminar along these lines, conducted … Continue reading

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