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Different Traits

Supposed to tell you that I knew you But I can’t remember Everybody’s got their different traits

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It all comes back

My ex-wife and I get along much better now, with mutual respect. Wasn’t that way, for roughly ten years of a sixteen year marriage. As matters were deferred to collapsing, started working on Parliament Hill, 1995. Met with personnel officer. … Continue reading

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She said I love a man with thinning hair. She was in her twenties. So was he. Another said the thinning caused a focus on the face, which she liked. Like hijab or niqab effect. Focus on what is there, … Continue reading

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…of grass. He said that when the blades grow straight along side each other, they grow tall and healthy. If they start to grow sideways, they will ultimately be overtaken and perish from those around growing straight. As said by … Continue reading

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Say it, sometime

Let you say it, sometime You can rage, with distance.

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Saw it, true

Sonja and Thomas Bata: While pursuing her love of architecture as a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Bata fell in love with and married Unclear who took the picture, but there was a particular eye

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Shorter time Easier fade Four Tops capturing a universal Through these walls so thin I hear my neighbors when They say “She don’t love him, she don’t love him” They say My heart’s in danger Live: I can’t believe I’ve … Continue reading

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