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All the way from

“We have made it all the way from Iraq,” said Mahmood, a 25-year-old Kurd travelling with three friends. “We hid on buses and (trucks) to get into Iran, then we walked for 30 hours to get into Turkey and then … Continue reading

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So this dignity

And half the world Hates the other half From an interview with Joanne Liu by Genna Buck, “Doctors Without Borders president pleads for dignity for refugees“, Ottawa Metro, January 16, 2017: Today, someone who is fleeing for his life is … Continue reading

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San Miguel Haruth

From the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1947, p. 1, as reprinted in the Globe and Mail, February 17, 1999, p. A18: 800 Illegal Entrants Put on Deportation Ship Jerusalem, Feb. 17 (Monday)(AP)–Approximately 800 would-be immigrants to Palestine, all lacking … Continue reading

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Came across 1998 article by Jacki Leroux, with photos by Tony Caldwell. Part two of a five-part series on “The Great Divide“. This one called “The Gaza Strip: Mortal Enemies”, as published in the Ottawa Sun, November 5, 1998, pp. … Continue reading

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Image of a boat going one way. In one of a number of stories about how they will be sent the other way. This awkward beauty of tragedy…

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Lost Track

January 31 news story, carried by BBC, among others: “Migrant Crisis: More than 10,000 children ‘missing’“. One would initially wonder where are the responsible parents or guardians, who presumably accompanied these children. Guardianship may be false. Parental relationship may be … Continue reading

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Only The City

Argument that refugees must stay in cities. So the considerations of benefits to smaller, economically challenged areas of Canada…

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