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Missing The Blend

In Accounting Theory, so much research relating to efficiency of contracts and how to develop contract that best motivates manager to act in the best interest of business owners. Such a major research focus on the part of so many … Continue reading

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All this person/situation/interaction debate. No resolution. What constitutes a personality? Just know that 64 years on, it is the same person who was looking at or through the mirror, sixty years ago. Perhaps aberrations appreciated. Perhaps aberrations controlled. The essence … Continue reading

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Whose Money

In terms of tax evasion: portrait of an evader, from 1988: Daniel Goleman, “Tax cheats: Selfish to the bottom line“, New York Times, April 11, 1988: …the type of person who cheats a lot on taxes, according to the profile … Continue reading

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“It never happened.”

Found this to be a principal life approach of Don Draper in Mad Men. He sees this as a survival strategy, for both himself and others: Have written about the blockage, which seems to be a common subconcious psychological reaction. … Continue reading

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Just Another

Came across Toronto Star article, uncredited, in Ottawa Metro. Addressing future orientation as a means to resolve, or reframe, current relationship disputes. Article by Lauren Pelley, “Fighting with your spouse today? Think about the future“, Toronto Star, August 9, 2016. … Continue reading

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Implicit Association

From an article by Genna Buck, “Is hate part of human nature?” Metro News (Ottawa), July 15-17, 2016: Everyone is a little bit racist. It’s scientifically proven, right? –D.B., Winnipeg Yee, the evidence suggests most people, at least unconsciously, have … Continue reading

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Electronic Wall of Shyness

From an article by Dave Finlayson, “Adult shyness on the rise in modern society”, National Post, May 10, 1999: D2 (as originally published in the Edmonton Journal): At least half of us suffer sufficiently from the fear of facing strangers … Continue reading

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Social Influence

From commentary by psychologist Carol Milstone in “Author likens her therapy ordeal to cult-like manipulation”, in relation to Gail Macdonald, Making of an Illness: My Experience with Multiple Personality Disorder (Laurentian University Press, 1999). As published in the National Post, … Continue reading

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All this search for self-discovery. Seems that the discovery is that of patterns of behaviours, positive and negative. Generally discovered through the observations or questions of others. The concern then becomes what, if any, patterns to change. What some psychologists … Continue reading

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Being somewhere else in mind, when one isn’t comfortable with where one actually is. Not quite what the term “displacement” means in psychology, however: Displacement is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target… Someone who … Continue reading

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