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All this person/situation/interaction debate. No resolution. What constitutes a personality? Just know that 64 years on, it is the same person who was looking at or through the mirror, sixty years ago. Perhaps aberrations appreciated. Perhaps aberrations controlled. The essence … Continue reading

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Whose Money

In terms of tax evasion: portrait of an evader, from 1988: Daniel Goleman, “Tax cheats: Selfish to the bottom line“, New York Times, April 11, 1988: …the type of person who cheats a lot on taxes, according to the profile … Continue reading

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“It never happened.”

Found this to be a principal life approach of Don Draper in Mad Men. He sees this as a survival strategy, for both himself and others: Have written about the blockage, which seems to be a common subconcious psychological reaction. … Continue reading

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Just Another

Came across Toronto Star article, uncredited, in Ottawa Metro. Addressing future orientation as a means to resolve, or reframe, current relationship disputes. Article by Lauren Pelley, “Fighting with your spouse today? Think about the future“, Toronto Star, August 9, 2016. … Continue reading

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Implicit Association

From an article by Genna Buck, “Is hate part of human nature?” Metro News (Ottawa), July 15-17, 2016: Everyone is a little bit racist. It’s scientifically proven, right? –D.B., Winnipeg Yee, the evidence suggests most people, at least unconsciously, have … Continue reading

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Electronic Wall of Shyness

From an article by Dave Finlayson, “Adult shyness on the rise in modern society”, National Post, May 10, 1999: D2 (as originally published in the Edmonton Journal): At least half of us suffer sufficiently from the fear of facing strangers … Continue reading

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Social Influence

From commentary by psychologist Carol Milstone in “Author likens her therapy ordeal to cult-like manipulation”, in relation to Gail Macdonald, Making of an Illness: My Experience with Multiple Personality Disorder (Laurentian University Press, 1999). As published in the National Post, … Continue reading

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