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Seems that much of life involves control of negative emotions, while at the same time having the judgement to know when and how to resist darkness. Focused negatives towards another turning to focused negatives towards a group, and then to … Continue reading

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Error in Type III

Sometimes it comes around, to qualify. In relation to “Crime“, concerning heinous advocacy by Imams in Canada, and whether hate crime prosecutions should be initiated, came across this earlier discussion, extracted: Error in Type (July 18, 2013): Lots of Christians … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet III

In relation to “Institutional Via Internet” and “Institutional Via Internet II“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I believe the hatred passes from parents to children, generation after generation. The best governments can do is suppress its expression in acts … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet

Concept of institutionalized values and institutionalization processes, developed in Organizational Behaviour. A explanation or justification for conformity, at least in appearance. Issue now being how institutionalized values might change, over time. What was once unacceptable discourse, resulting in loss of … Continue reading

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So Human

So much in religion and prejudice that seems intertwined, at least in relation to views of human nature. Have written about the religious contempt. A view that human beings are filled with sin or serious shortcomings, and will not improve … Continue reading

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“He looks like a Muslim.”

…so said a friend, when observing the street. Boyfriend said “What do you mean?!”, with deliberate exclamation. Boyfriend was Muslim, as she knew. Person on the street did not look like her boyfriend. That inclination to blinker:

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Implicit Association

From an article by Genna Buck, “Is hate part of human nature?” Metro News (Ottawa), July 15-17, 2016: Everyone is a little bit racist. It’s scientifically proven, right? –D.B., Winnipeg Yee, the evidence suggests most people, at least unconsciously, have … Continue reading

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