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Islamic Wills and Powers of Attorney

About this time last year, gave a presentation at an Ottawa Musalla in relation to Islamic wills, powers of attorney and general estate issues. Here for others who might be interested. Overview of the presentation: 12 11 Islamic Wills Presentation … Continue reading

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Endless Loop: Estranged

He was an impoverished client, looking to write a will. Actually, in such circumstances, it is not the will that is most important, but the power of attorney for property and the power of attorney for personal care, to be … Continue reading

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Many Needing Financial Oversight

Wondered what had happened to the story from last summer. It’s reprinted below. Can’t find anything. Perhaps means that matters not completed or that no wrongdoing was found. Could also mean that reporters moved on from the original story, with … Continue reading

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Passing Client

He came to see me a few years ago. Came into the office in electric wheelchair. Operated with one hand, the fingers curled up. Learned about how lack of muscle activity causes the tightening. The only hand that now worked … Continue reading

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