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In relation to “Share” concerning an incident of generosity between impoverished persons, and research showing that the poor are more giving than the rich, William Hawkins saw a different angle. The email exchange: Bill: True, but it also is true … Continue reading

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She spoke about how general economic depression creates greater cross-class integration. That the Great Depression of the 1930s actually brought people together, since so many, across classes, lost so much. Also enabled people to cross classes at that time, where … Continue reading

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Medical Model

From “High costs keep 6 million Canadians from the dentist each year: report“, a September 13, 2014 CTV News article by Andrea Janus, in relation to the 2014 report by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, Improving Access To Oral … Continue reading

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Ghost of Support II

Wrote about reverse mortgages for older persons, questioning why they are needed, given assumed support resources from children. One commentator questioned whether children would have any resources to support. Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (reproduced with permission): My … Continue reading

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