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She will be involved in organizing a homecoming for graduates from her all-girls high school. Was involved in an earlier one, and people remember how good she was. This time, the fundraising objective will be to raise enough money so … Continue reading

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Seems that when a totalitarian leader has started to commit atrocities, there is no turning back, and rarely any possibility of voluntary departure. Increasing focus on destruction of enemies and limited trust of those who are supposedly close. Presumption as … Continue reading

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We’re having to rebuild the nation again. It was our father’s generation that was given all the wealth. Now we find there’s nothing left. I do sometimes think “how did we end up here?” Marcus Stephen, then President of Nauru, … Continue reading

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Turkey, Not Tunisia

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, made a comment in relation to my thoughts on political change in Libya. He talked about the “election of the Turks”. I assumed he meant Tunisia, and so edited his comment, and added a link. … Continue reading

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Sirtefied IV: What Institution-Building?

Libya was declared liberated yesterday, at the same time that it was declared by interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil that Shariah would be Libya’s principal law: Any law that violates Shariah is null and void legally. Within the limits of … Continue reading

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Easy Occupation II

So easy, so easy. Canadian politicians lining up to support the “Occupy (name your city)” protesters. Peggy Nash of the New Democratic Party–and the party’s Finance Critic, no less, saying that “I think what the Occupation movement is expressing is … Continue reading

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