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Stranger Blame

From Ann Szedlecki (1925-2005), Album of My Life (2009), describing circumstances associated with her escape from Lodz to Russian-occupied eastern Poland, 1939, at the age of fourteen: On the trip we were subjected to a lot of antisemitic verbal abuse … Continue reading

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Wrote about William Tannenzapf here and here. Another description by William Tannenzaph of the monstrous actions of Hans Krueger: The third person ahead of me in the line was a good-looking young woman. Krueger was riding lazily along the line … Continue reading

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Where did this

The first Aktion was perpetrated by the Gestapo on October 12, 1941, under the command of the infamous Hans Krueger. It was rumoured that Jews would be “resettled”… There was no resettlement. The Jews who had been rounded up were … Continue reading

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Easy National Amnesia

Brief Associated Press story in Metro Ottawa, June 23, 2012. Summary sidebar set of stories, easy to miss: Poland Members of Poland’s Jewish community and other Poles have marked the 70th anniversary of the first deportations from the Warsaw ghetto … Continue reading

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