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All this person/situation/interaction debate. No resolution. What constitutes a personality? Just know that 64 years on, it is the same person who was looking at or through the mirror, sixty years ago. Perhaps aberrations appreciated. Perhaps aberrations controlled. The essence … Continue reading

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Who Am I This Time?

Who Am I This Time? Film starring Chrisopher Walken and Susan Sarandon. How being on the stage enables one to be a person very different from the essence: Thinking about how teaching is often like theatre, where a particular role … Continue reading

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Same types of people attracted over time to professional accounting. Or so the research says. In a 2011 article,”Personality Traits and Career Satisfaction of Accounting Professionals” by Levy et. al,* the established “Big Five” traits are examined. These are: Agreeableness/Teamwork … Continue reading

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Soulmate II

Neil Remington Abramson previously commented on compatible couples. He comments further, as follows (reproduced with permission): The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a helpful way to illustrate opposite tendencies in human preferences that may excite, and then produce long term … Continue reading

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In relation to “Sexmate“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): In the personality literature, there are two conflicting recommendations about with whom we can have the best relationship. Should we pursue others who are our opposites, or … Continue reading

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Essence II

In terms of “Essence”, concerning how, if at all, personality fundamentally changes, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows; e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission. I first met Neil when were both six years old. It’s an interesting question, probably unanswerable with … Continue reading

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There’s no way out of here When you come in You’re in for good She wanted to see me for career advice. We had met at an outreach function for our respective professions. Wanted to meet me later. Said she … Continue reading

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