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Building flattened, but some sense of the past challenging the present. Undefeated optimism amidst Smaller in the

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Stutter Class Contribution

Wrote about the stutter of John Hammond. Thought about how I used to have a class participation mark, early in teaching career, mid-1980s. Would take attendance, and then ask students randomly to contribute to class discussion. Class participation mark being … Continue reading

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…of grass. He said that when the blades grow straight along side each other, they grow tall and healthy. If they start to grow sideways, they will ultimately be overtaken and perish from those around growing straight. As said by … Continue reading

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Walking past the hotel. Wondering why the building was being demolished. Architecture seemed to be fairly unique, and worth preserving. All that brickwork. Then finding out about the “redevelopment”. Wondered about the architecture. Remembering it had at one time been … Continue reading

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In the first blue evening And day of snow Peaceful riot

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Needed to mark some accounting exams. Decided to go to the law library. Knew it well, 1973-1976. Three years, day and night. Back, on occasion. Such as this. Some different configurations, but same tables and desks. Different people, same feeling. … Continue reading

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Yet those who disrespect legal processes create a danger that law-abiding elements of the community, out of anger and out of fear, will harden their attitudes and refuse to accommodate any change or remedy any shortcomings. They refuse because fear … Continue reading

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