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Missing The Blend

In Accounting Theory, so much research relating to efficiency of contracts and how to develop contract that best motivates manager to act in the best interest of business owners. Such a major research focus on the part of so many … Continue reading

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Form and Substance

Recall in the academic world, how some were so very excited to form a new committee for this or that. Sometimes it seemed that they would almost be salivating at the prospect of more committee meetings. Spending much time on … Continue reading

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Have written letters for others. Have written speeches for others. Have written articles for others. In most cases, under the originator’s direction and with the originator’s input, review and ultimate approval. Performing such functions when someone has confidence in a … Continue reading

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From an email message forwarding the article: This is an example of why you want to focus on getting a publication or two out of your LL.M. Thesis in the next six months or so. This is the first publication … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet

Concept of institutionalized values and institutionalization processes, developed in Organizational Behaviour. A explanation or justification for conformity, at least in appearance. Issue now being how institutionalized values might change, over time. What was once unacceptable discourse, resulting in loss of … Continue reading

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Group: Impression

A challenge in our social world is getting over ourselves. Was in an office waiting room. Reading material included, to some degree of surprise, Canadian Business magazine. From “The Watercooler” section, May, 2016: Dept. of Egomania Everybody gets the credit … Continue reading

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An email exchange with Neil Remington Abramson, in relation to “Intra-Organizational Anthropology”: Neil: No way of knowing about the strength of this research, from what you’ve reported. I could see how if you’d asked a questionnaire full of organizational items … Continue reading

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Intra-Organizational Anthropology

Came across a 2001 article by Reed Johnson, originally published in the Los Angeles Times, about Dr. Karen Stephenson: “Cracking the company code”, as reprinted in the Montreal Gazette, September 10, 2001, E2. A researcher who applied concepts from anthropology … Continue reading

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Hogan Screen

From an article by Laura Ramsay, “Putting employees to the test”, Financial Post, May 10, 1999, p. D9: Fortunately, the hidden “dark side” of managerial personalities can also be revealed through testing. The Hogan Development Survey detects bad bosses by … Continue reading

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Model Fit

There are so many of you White shirt and tie In relation to “Fit Through Failure“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I used to try to model appropriate attitudes for my business students by my classroom behaviour, including business … Continue reading

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