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Saw her on the national news, in relation to the Vet’s Tour report in La Rotonde the student newspaper, and the resulting national concerns. Yasmine Mehdi. Have referenced her earlier. Found a March 7, 2016 article in La Rotonde, under … Continue reading

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Seeing more people reading books on the bus, but no one reading any newspapers, other than the thin, free ones. Seems that reading books in public has an enhanced fashion. Since so many on the cellphones, reading a book in … Continue reading

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UniColl News

The decline of newspapers, amidst the continuing need for news reporters. How so much television news takes its cue from what is discovered through investigative newspaper journalism. Interest in paid newspapers very much on decline, while free ones can thrive, … Continue reading

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Books seem to be behaving in a different way. I think they play a different role in our lives. Heather Reisman, 2014, “Indigo still a ‘huge believer in books’” News that sales of electronic books, such as via Kindle, are … Continue reading

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