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Angles V

Have written about the angles, here, here, here and here. Now November 22: China wants stronger ties with Myanmar military November 23: Myanmar – Bangladesh agreement November 24: Chinese premier meets with Myanmar top military chief Nothing about making sure … Continue reading

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Easier to Scream

The need to keep cool in relation to criticism, conflict. Often it is the blowup reaction that is sought through the conflict, to set one out of control, relative to another’s agenda. Could be triggered by sudden, unexpected aggression. Or … Continue reading

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Angles IV

Where China and Saudi Arabia signed on for $70 billion in new deals, during the course of a state visit to Saudi Arabia by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli from August 23, to August 25, 2017. And where the on … Continue reading

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Angles III

So China has oil interests in Myanmar, where the Rohingya are potentially in the way. So Saudi Arabia has interest in funding coordinated Rohingya terrorist acts in Myanmar. Wondered what the current relationship is between China and Saudi Arabia, since … Continue reading

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Angles II

What one sees and what one doesn’t readily read or hear. So many angles. From former federal Minister David Kilgour, “Democracy Under Gunpoint In Burma“, Epoch Times, September 26, 2017: Following decades of oppression, on Aug. 25, insurgents of the … Continue reading

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Where, in September of 2017, China supports Myanmar’s attacks on Rohingyas… And the joint Myanmar-China oil and gas exploration project, discussed in July of 2017… Who plays

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The Repetition

Five years on. Little changing but the degree of focus. And larger numbers. This being “Social Current Sinking“, published, June 15, 2012: In Burma, they’re told they’re illegals who should go back to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they’re told they’re Burmese … Continue reading

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She Leads

Yun Xu commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Watched a documentary about Aung San Suu Kyi’s road to the presidency in Myanmar. She is a strong woman, with her determination to make a big change in Myanmar. China needs someone … Continue reading

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Social Current Sinking

In Burma, they’re told they’re illegals who should go back to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they’re told they’re Burmese who should go back home. Unfortunately, they’re just caught in the middle. They have been persecuted for decades, and it’s only getting … Continue reading

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