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Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison, 2012: At the age of 67 or 70, depending on correct birth year. 2007: 2002: 1973, stop and start: 1966: Left the music business for nearly 25 years. Found he could make more consistent money driving a delivery … Continue reading

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Santa Fire Escape

Ronnie Spector on Christmas. From Cari Wade Gervin, “Recording and Performing Still Thrill Ronnie Spector“. Nashville Scene, November 30, 2017. …Since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve loved Christmas. I remember sitting on Santa’s lap in Macy’s when I was … Continue reading

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Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector: Everybody Loves Christmas

In grocery store. Surprised to hear voices of Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector. Knew that they blended so very well, but had no idea that they had done a Christmas song: Written by Curt Cuomo and Eddie Money. Released in … Continue reading

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Charlotte Harris

Watching the Lawrence Welk Show. This one from 1973. Everyone in the orchestra is wearing orange suits, on the Nat King Cole special. All men. Then notice one female member of the orchestra–the cellist, in an evening gown. Not orange. … Continue reading

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Frozen Little Tombstones

From Matt Cohen, “The Zeidman Effect” (1985; later published in Living on Water [1988]) in relation to a concert pianist past his prime: Nathan Zeidman, the astonishing piano player who, after five years of mediocre performances in festivals, had suddenly … Continue reading

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Left Banke: Desirée

From Left Banke Too, released in November of 1968, though the song was released as a single more than a year earlier, in June of 1967. Where there isn’t a ready clip of the song, so a person takes the … Continue reading

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Look out to when

…or when not. Video made for Vintage TV to illustrate Pink Floyd’s 1967 single, written by Syd Barrett, “See Emily Play“: No evident credit, in terms of who put together the video. End up with major sense of loss. Where … Continue reading

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