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Moments of

Heard about “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool“, playing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Interview with Elvis Costello, whose new song, “You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way“, plays over the credits. Purpose of song, according to Costello: There … Continue reading

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Charles and Eddie

Remembering the song, but never having seen the video. Behind over 18 million others, who have seen it. Encountering Vintage Channel and there it is playing. Written by Mike Leeson and Peter Vale. Thought it was two black singers, but … Continue reading

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Held It

From The Maestro, by Tim Wynne-Jones (1995), where the protagonist has misrepresented who he is: He couldn’t tell her the real story. Anyway, he wanted to hold onto this dream for a bit longer. Like when you walk around in … Continue reading

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Nazareth: Moonlight Eyes

Your smile takes all the fight out of me Nazareth. From the The Fool Circle album, 1981: Written by Dan McCafferty. Seems like there are two vocalists, though maybe one in different spaces. Video with a lot of backstage/onstage band … Continue reading

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What time

When there is nothing but never Illusion of the moment

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You call me up when I am sleeping

Isn’t it funny how you reach me Leo Sayer, “Telepath”, from Just A Boy (1974): You’re always helping me from sinking It’s your way Isn’t it funny how you read me Remember how he did this live. Wish there were … Continue reading

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Won’t Let The Show Go On

Baby, although I chose this lonely life It seems it’s strangling me now Leo Sayer, with an exceptional 1974 live performance of the song, originally released in 1973. Where the title is “The Show Must Go On“: Written by Leo … Continue reading

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