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Community Leader

So many non-elected persons purport to lead, followed by representations to government that such persons have particular influence. Or followed by attempts to influence. Would seem that elected officials should be somewhat cautious in relation to the “I am a … Continue reading

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Best Blend of The New Canada

Must have been ten or so teenage girls. Back of the bus. Half with hijabs, half not. All talking excitedly in French. About boys and school. Cellphones to a person; one calling to make sure of meeting place at fast … Continue reading

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Permitted Inconsistency (?)

Concerning his published comment in relation to “Niqab Lighter”, I posed the following question to my friend, Neil Remington Abramson: Subject: Comment is up… …many thanks for letting me include it, though you seem to be having the same vacillation … Continue reading

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Niqab Lighter

The Minister announces no more Niqab when taking the oath of citizenship. Wants to make sure that the oath is actually being made, particularly since citizenship oaths are generally made in groups. Issue seen as cultural, rather than religious. Supported … Continue reading

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Helpless Islamic State

I remain very uncomfortable with the mix of religion and politics. An example of what seems to me to be a total mix is that of an Islamic state, where criminal and civil rights and responsibilities are all determined according … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity Nuance

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a news release, concerning “Eid on the Hill” celebrations. The text follows. I forwarded it to my friend, Ahmed Abualsamh, with the following message: For your information, if you haven’t seen this already. … Continue reading

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Differences, More Similarities

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, recently wrote to me about a poll on the attitudes of Canadians towards multiculturalism. I wonder how many respondents were from minority cultures, or how the study controlled for such. What does the term “Canadian … Continue reading

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Isolationism: Language and Capital

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, commented in relation to my concerns about the huge “Bank of Toronto” signage in Montreal forming part of the top of the historic bank building at Guy and Ste-Catherine, which now houses the successor TD … Continue reading

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