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Happiness Measure

Measuring national happiness seems to be a major activity of some. Well, at least the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Earth Institute seem to focus on this. Some of the dimensions, from a March 16 story by Philip Pullella … Continue reading

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Seems that when a totalitarian leader has started to commit atrocities, there is no turning back, and rarely any possibility of voluntary departure. Increasing focus on destruction of enemies and limited trust of those who are supposedly close. Presumption as … Continue reading

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Welcome to Libya

Found this book in a dollar store several years ago, prior to the fall of Gaddafi in 2011. Originally published in 2005, by Gareth Stevens Publishing. Written by Ronald Tan. Cover credit: Art Directors and TRIP Photo Library. No specific … Continue reading

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Partition II

Wondered if partition could have made a difference to the current circumstances in Libya and Iraq. In 2011, the partition of Libya was being discussed, while Gaddafi was still in power: Revisited in 2014. And then…

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Partition of India, into India and Pakistan. Partition of Pakistan, into Pakistan and Bangladesh. If Libya had been partitioned… If Iraq had been partitioned… And today, if…

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In three months…

Came across this June, 2011 Toronto Star story. How quickly time passes, and how quickly possibilities forgotten: Gadhafi willing to hold Libya election, step aside if loses, says son Nick Carey Reuters, June 16, 2011 TRIPOLI — Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi … Continue reading

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Cleansing Inclinations

Happened again. This time in Libya. Happened again. This time in Russia. Focus in Libya on mistreatment of black Libyans, basically blamed for everything. Not much reporting of same. Focus in Russia on migrant workers, most considered to be Muslim, … Continue reading

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Honesty in Illusion

Q Are you reconsidering the position on whether or not this was a coup? MR. EARNEST: As I think we’ve talked about a couple of weeks ago, we have determined that it is not in the best interest of the … Continue reading

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Hitlerian Lessons: Democracy to Dictatorship in Eighteen Days

Wondered, in terms of current concerns in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya about Islamist-based parties usurping democracy, whether there might be lessons from the past. Hitler provides a number, it would appear. At issue is when a party is democratically … Continue reading

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Awaiting the 24th

I get on my knees and pray We won’t get fooled again On August 24, there is scheduled to be a major demonstration in Egypt by citizens opposed to the democratically elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi El-Ayyat. Some people … Continue reading

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