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Focus Diffusion

In leadership generally, people seem to expect to focus on one leader. If that leader does not meet expectations, there is no fallback position, other than leadership replacement. Since few people can be all things to all people, it would … Continue reading

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Rewarding Past and Future

Came across article in The Fulcrum, University of Ottawa student newspaper, in relation to Alex Trebek Leadership Award. Article by Ellie Sabourin, “Faculty of Education graduate gets first Alex Trebek Leadership Award“, August 30, 2017. In terms of the purpose … Continue reading

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Have written letters for others. Have written speeches for others. Have written articles for others. In most cases, under the originator’s direction and with the originator’s input, review and ultimate approval. Performing such functions when someone has confidence in a … Continue reading

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Some people establish their own boundaries, when they walk into a room. Such a person may not be the most successful or the most talented person in the room, but somehow is able to draw a social line with a … Continue reading

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Hogan Screen

From an article by Laura Ramsay, “Putting employees to the test”, Financial Post, May 10, 1999, p. D9: Fortunately, the hidden “dark side” of managerial personalities can also be revealed through testing. The Hogan Development Survey detects bad bosses by … Continue reading

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In relation to Lorne Anderson’s recent comments on leadership, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): I have my own ideas about leadership that might seem a bit curious for a business prof who teaches, researches, and has … Continue reading

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She Leads

Yun Xu commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Watched a documentary about Aung San Suu Kyi’s road to the presidency in Myanmar. She is a strong woman, with her determination to make a big change in Myanmar. China needs someone … Continue reading

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War of Inclinations

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): People have a tremendous capacity, instinctual I suppose, to feel fearful, threatened, opposed to change, and eager to see others take stern action, while they themselves stay safely home. I think … Continue reading

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Cancel The Exam: Sax Upstairs

Writing without reference to the leadership literature. Leadership seems to be to focus more on the welfare of others, than self, where such focus does not weigh consequences of potential damage to self. Leadership seems to involve an appreciation of … Continue reading

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