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Speaking with a terminally ill client, in relation to how he wants his affairs managed. He looks at me, clear-eyed, from the hospital bed: You are here, because I’m not there. And then: You are there, because I’m not here. … Continue reading

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Misdescription of Incompetence

Colleague describing a lawyer he does not respect, whose self-image is significantly at variance with the reality of courtroom outcomes. Why this person continues as a barrister, despite fairly consistent feedback as to unsuitability: Even a blind pig can sometimes … Continue reading

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On the frontier

Have written about the dedication of criminal defence counsel, such as here and here. Turns out that there are some who pose to the fashion, though readily recognized as such by those who need no posing. Comment of a colleague … Continue reading

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Today’s Masquerade

From a colleague, working late: Yesterday’s laziness is today’s masquerade of dedication. Knowing how and why…

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Tempered Lens

Recall hearing about the marriage of a particular lawyer. First marriage in late 40s/early 50s. Lawyer who specialized in family law. Was known to be a particularly aggressive lawyer in relation to family law. Not regarded as particularly compassionate. All … Continue reading

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Not, or

Legal colleague said, with a smile: You can refer to the client as white trash. That’s not racist. Dunno…

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From the alehouse to the jailhouse

In complimenting a legal colleague on a client acquittal: When I am going from the alehouse to the jailhouse, you will certainly be on my mind. Wondered where that phrase came from. Did search and realized it was impressed in … Continue reading

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