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Moses’ Assistant, and

From a sermon by Neil Remington Abramson: Having It Your Way Hollyburn House June 5, 2017 The Numbers reading (11: 24-30) reports that when Moses gathered up the 70 Elders of Israel to receive God’s gift of spirit and prophesy, … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I suppose that maybe I was more insensitive at one time, before I became a Christian. My impression of Christianity is that it teaches sensitivity to the needs and plights of neighbours – including … Continue reading

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Same Power, Across Beliefs II

In relation to “Thought the same power, across beliefs…“,Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: We Christians believe there is only one God. It must be the same only-one-God as that of the Jews, because Christianity came from Judaism, and Jesus … Continue reading

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Wonder about so many women with religious callings who have reservations, since the call may not be fulfilled. The prohibition against a female acting as a priest in a Catholic service, even if having made similar religious vows as a … Continue reading

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Hijab Christmas

In the long line to see Santa, with my younger daughter, once again. A cycle that will not end, until one of us passes. We normally try to see this particular Santa at least twice during the season, once for … Continue reading

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From a 2006 story about the newly-built synagogue in central Munich: New synagogue a symbol of “hope” Robert Boyes, The Times, London via Ottawa Citizen, November 10, 2006: A6 A huge new synagogue, Europe’s largest Jewish centre, was opened in … Continue reading

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High Holidays: Take 2

There is no life I know To compare with Pure imagination Wrote about the police around the synagogue. Thought it reflected concerns about threats, grounded in anti-semitism. Former police officer advised that he had done this tour, but not as … Continue reading

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