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From “The drought is over”, by Douglas Fisher, writing at the age of 81, as published in the Ottawa Sunday Sun, September 2, 2001, p. 6: Consider the press gallery on the Hill, some 400 strong… When I first hit … Continue reading

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Bought a used copy of The Insiders, a 1987 book by John Sawatsky, from a library bookstore. All about lobbyings of the day and prior. Read the credits: It is fitting that my first book on politics is dedicated to … Continue reading

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UniColl News

The decline of newspapers, amidst the continuing need for news reporters. How so much television news takes its cue from what is discovered through investigative newspaper journalism. Interest in paid newspapers very much on decline, while free ones can thrive, … Continue reading

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Equal Weight to Conflicting Claims

Balanced reporting becomes unfair, it seems to me, when it gives equal weight to conflicting claims that a reporter knows, or ought to know, are intrinsically unequal. Came across a George Jonas column from 1998, “Balanced reporting unlikely” (Ottawa Citizen, … Continue reading

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Soseki, Mansbridge

Wrote about the legacy of journalists, often unpreserved. Neil Remington Abramson has a decidedly different take on journalists (reproduced with permission): Of course, journalism is often pretty shallow stuff. If you go on holiday and miss it for a week … Continue reading

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Journalist Art

Neil Davis, photojournalist. Killed 1985, age 51. Books, music and art lasting forever. Something written, recorded or drawn a century ago still being of interest. If short stories, are often collected, annotated. Somehow not so with journalist columns, or journalist … Continue reading

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Gift of The Terminal II

I don’t want a stormy affair To make me feel My life is heading somewhere I don’t want pity Just a safe place to hide Earlier wrote about how much certain people are able to produce, when they know they … Continue reading

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Marjorie Nichols: Gift of The Terminal

Was watching an episode of The Beast and marveling at how Patrick Swayze, in the midst of terminal cancer, was delivering performances of a depth I had never seen before. Thinking about how Jack Layton was so different in the … Continue reading

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