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As it then was

Came across this 2014 Associated Press story by Ali Akbar Dareini, based in Tehran, as extracted from the Times of Israel coverage, November 24, 2014: Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists: At international conference, Sunni and Shiite scholars … Continue reading

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So when one questions the concept of an Islamic state…

…end up thinking of Good Friday, and why it is a compulsory holiday. Same with Easter Sunday. Remembering the Easter-Passover blend, and the employer at the time saying go if you really believe, but otherwise… When a particular religion frames … Continue reading

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ISIS Vapour

Where so much evil occurs in the name of a religion. Both too easy and dangerous to transfer to false beliefs as to such evil being an element, if not the essence of a religion. Consider “The Troubles” (such a … Continue reading

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Tehran Times Perspective

Was watching news and heard commentator speaking about how Saudi Arabia doesn’t support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as represented by their political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, but in fact supports a more ultra-conservative political party, Al-Nour. Went … Continue reading

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Hitlerian Lessons: Democracy to Dictatorship in Eighteen Days

Wondered, in terms of current concerns in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya about Islamist-based parties usurping democracy, whether there might be lessons from the past. Hitler provides a number, it would appear. At issue is when a party is democratically … Continue reading

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International Constitution

Wanted to write under title “Get Raped, Go To Jail”, in relation to the outrage in Dubai. Keeping in mind that this is not the only case where this has happened. Cosmopolitan Dubai, as illustrated in the photo at the … Continue reading

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Insult to Rights II

Wrote about how demonstrations against insults to Islam seem to reflect a very insecure religion. One would think that such sentiments would be tempered by exposures to other religions and their reactions to insults, particularly in a pluralistic democracy. Particularly … Continue reading

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Awaiting the 24th

I get on my knees and pray We won’t get fooled again On August 24, there is scheduled to be a major demonstration in Egypt by citizens opposed to the democratically elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi El-Ayyat. Some people … Continue reading

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“Moral Imperatives, Badly Served”: A Response

In response to “Moral Imperatives, Badly Served“, a friend commented as follows: I have no doubt that an Islamic governor should be concerned about the betterment of the non-Muslims living in the state. I am currently reading a book by … Continue reading

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Helpless Islamic State

I remain very uncomfortable with the mix of religion and politics. An example of what seems to me to be a total mix is that of an Islamic state, where criminal and civil rights and responsibilities are all determined according … Continue reading

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