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Problematic Distance

In relation to “Crime“, a friend commented as follows: I have not heard the sermon to make a judgement. Even still, publicly presenting such language without having a purpose and without explaining the context is wrong. I prefer to keep … Continue reading

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Error in Type III

Sometimes it comes around, to qualify. In relation to “Crime“, concerning heinous advocacy by Imams in Canada, and whether hate crime prosecutions should be initiated, came across this earlier discussion, extracted: Error in Type (July 18, 2013): Lots of Christians … Continue reading

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So a Jordanian Imam shows up as “invited guest” at Montreal mosque and urges the killing of all Jews. Not the first time this has happened in Montreal. Where the Imam says he has Qur’anic interpretive support for what he … Continue reading

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Blackout II: Jagged Pieces of Stone

In relation to “Blackout“, concerning judicially-enforced Islamic prohibitions against celebrating Valentine’s Day, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When I think, as a Presbyterian, about my Islamic brothers and sisters, I feel we are one in our worship of the … Continue reading

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Seems that those of fundamentalist inclination fear unrestrained positive emotion. Can’t control it, or direct it towards evil. Reading the February 14 issue of Ottawa Metro and came across this Associated Press story in “Global Digest”: Valentine’s Day banned in … Continue reading

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What Year

Anxiety gripped Baghdad’s 5 million residents at the start of another night of bombing. “Kids go to bed early, but they go crazy at the sound of bombs and anti-aircraft guns,” said Ibrahim Farhan, a teacher. Numan Abdulkarim, out shopping … Continue reading

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Sometimes see the sky

From a 2001 article by retired Canadian Major Howard Michitsch, “Canadian troops in for the long haul in Bosnia”, Ottawa Citizen, September 8, 2001: A7. Article being in relation to Canada’s peacekeeping role at the time (1,700 troops), plus the … Continue reading

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