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Sovereign is Sovereign

Great Britain will be having a referendum on continuing its membership in the European Union. The Prime Minister has said that he has obtained sufficient “compromise” from other European Union members, in relation to issues affecting Great Britain’s sovereignty, that … Continue reading

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Going to have to go back to the advocacy times for a European Union. Were the potential disadvantages emphasized as well? From “Ireland writing a new economic textbook”, by G. Pascal Zachary. The Wall Street Journal, via the Globe and … Continue reading

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ISIS Vapour

Where so much evil occurs in the name of a religion. Both too easy and dangerous to transfer to false beliefs as to such evil being an element, if not the essence of a religion. Consider “The Troubles” (such a … Continue reading

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Chamberlain Religion

Was speaking with a friend about current situation in Iraq. Thought the Sunni-Shia conflict was similar to “the troubles” in Ireland, between Catholics and Protestants. War of religion. She disagreed. “Religion is being used for another purpose,” she said. She … Continue reading

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Social Values, Individual Rights

In relation to the story “Ireland says it will clarify abortion laws after pregnant women denied a termination dies in hospital”, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): In Canada, social values tend to get knocked … Continue reading

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