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Where the heart

Gets taken, through the abandonment of schools, in particular, as well as other public infrastructure: Where the renewal could be keeping the school as an educational institution, while using other elements of the facility for other community purposes. All this … Continue reading

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Social cost appreciation, or…

Have written about the longer term social costs of closures of schools and other public facilities, such as here and here. The New Democratic Party discussed this during the recent Ontario election, where the decision to force the election caused … Continue reading

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Social Costs

People in rural Alberta will find ways to keep their facility running. Story from The Western Producer, concerning the closure of a care facility for the elderly in rural Alberta. Benefits of centralization, dontcha know, cantcha know. As in so … Continue reading

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Longer Term Educational Costs

The easy optics; sell the schools: Trustees urge sale of empty schools By Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen April 21, 2012 As Ottawa’s public school board struggles to meet the demands for building new schools in burgeoning suburbs and renovating … Continue reading

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Jackhammer Bleacher

In June of 1966, in the midst of accelerations from Featherston Drive Public School, I competed in the Ottawa primary school track competition, with other students from Featherston. I have no recollection as to why I was chosen. That day, … Continue reading

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