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External Acceleration

Friend found out that a number of people her friends knew were coming to Canada to give birth. Paying for private medical care. The issue of “instant citizenship” was one matter, but the other question for her is why people … Continue reading

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Friend was waiting for call from the specialist health team, to which he had been referred. Getting anxious when no call. Had been told his case was “triaged“. So if no call, must mean that things are not that urgent. … Continue reading

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Winnipeg (Canadian Press) Advocates for the disabled are outraged that a hospital here issued a do-not-resuscitate order against the wishes of a patient and his family. Andrew Sawatzky, 79, has Parkinson’s disease and has been in the Riverview Health Centre … Continue reading

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Smaller Health

Notice trend towards mega-hospitals. Montreal and Ottawa, as recent examples. Plus Windsor. Thinking about how important a hospital is in Winchester, Ontario. Thinking about all the hospital closures in smaller communities. The closures of rural hospitals in Saskatchewan, as an … Continue reading

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Hospital Slack

Visiting client in the hospital. “They seem to require two people to do the job badly,” she said. Find when visiting a hospital that there seems to be a lot of social talk among staff. Next vacation. New car. New … Continue reading

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Running in the family

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): My mother’s life was shortened by the medical system. She fell down a couple of steps taking out the trash in the dark, breaking her ankle. It was diagnosed as a … Continue reading

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Have clients who have been in and out of psychiatric facilities, or in general psychiatric care, for decades. Marginal improvements. Remember this criminal defence counsel who would refer a client to another lawyer, if the client kept coming back with … Continue reading

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Medical Model

From “High costs keep 6 million Canadians from the dentist each year: report“, a September 13, 2014 CTV News article by Andrea Janus, in relation to the 2014 report by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, Improving Access To Oral … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson referred me to this article, relating to the medical costs of terrorism and also raising the issue as to how costs are addressed for those who are uninsured or underinsured, medically, in the United States. Seems to … Continue reading

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Social Costs

People in rural Alberta will find ways to keep their facility running. Story from The Western Producer, concerning the closure of a care facility for the elderly in rural Alberta. Benefits of centralization, dontcha know, cantcha know. As in so … Continue reading

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