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Conflict Rescission II

Discussed the advantages of direct conflict here, here and here. If people are accustomed to others directly expressing reservations, there is no shock. On the other hand, if everything is back of one’s back, reactions to direct conflict can be … Continue reading

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Group Dynamics and Individual Surrender

Your eyes look up and down Everywhere but me MBA group project. We all followed the lead of one member. Seemed quite reasonable; he seemed quite experienced and thoughtful. Received the group mark: poor, so poor. Member who had taken … Continue reading

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Small Group Conflict: Brian Jones Variations

Thinking about how so many musical groups collapse amidst enmity. Or maybe not collapse, but continue with embittered exits. How Brian Jones, who founded the Rolling Stones, ended up losing his own group to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and … Continue reading

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