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Greek Accounting Side

Have written about the difficulties between the International Accounting Standards Board and the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board, when it comes to recognizing investment losses. Came across this 2011 Financial Times article, illustrating some dimensions of the difficulties: Accountants flustered … Continue reading

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Provincial Greece

Friend speaking about how, in his area of a particular province, everything is cash payments. The housekeeper on Employment Insurance, with undeclared income; every contractor. Broadly-shared values with respect to tax evasion. Institutionalized, without particular institutional referents. Friend expressed regret … Continue reading

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Galatas, Poros, Saskatoon

Wrote about the “old country” sentiments of Neil Remington Abramson and I with respect to our childhood hometown, Saskatoon, compared to the distinctly different sentiments of Daryl, in relation to his hometown. Neil Remington Abramson comments further, as follows (e-mail … Continue reading

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Insolvent Referendum

On October 29, 2011, Member of Parliament Charlie Angus, who is my Facebook friend, posted this link to concerns about loss of political sovereignty in the context of the proposed further bailout of Greece, as well as the perilous financial … Continue reading

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Greece: Allnight Dance Fadeout

Greece hasn’t done what it said it would do, fiscally, for at least a year and a half. Germany’s next to last move was to buy back bonds from its own banks to avoid default. Presumably Germany as the bondholder … Continue reading

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Buyback to Borrow More

Their capacity to shock and awe markets will not occur in one day, but over time. Thinking about the European Central Bank buying bonds. What it is buying is bonds in the secondary market, from what I can see. No … Continue reading

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