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Found this photo, on Rare Historical Photos. Didn’t appreciate these events in Germany, immediately post-World War I. Wondered if it had been staged. Persuasive view that it was. Still, it appears to have been a very unsettling time in Germany … Continue reading

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Young Whippersnapper

Found this uncredited 1998 story, in the “World” section of the Ottawa Citizen (January 17, 1998: A11): A court in Cologne, Germany said yesterday it had banned a 22 year-old man from driving for four and a half months for … Continue reading

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From a 2006 story about the newly-built synagogue in central Munich: New synagogue a symbol of “hope” Robert Boyes, The Times, London via Ottawa Citizen, November 10, 2006: A6 A huge new synagogue, Europe’s largest Jewish centre, was opened in … Continue reading

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Board Game: First Point

“Juden Raus” (“Jews Out”) was a board game introduced to the German Reich in 1936. Players would move figures representing Jews toward “collection points” from which they would be deported to the Land of Israel. “If you manage to see … Continue reading

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Hitlerian Lessons: Democracy to Dictatorship in Eighteen Days

Wondered, in terms of current concerns in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya about Islamist-based parties usurping democracy, whether there might be lessons from the past. Hitler provides a number, it would appear. At issue is when a party is democratically … Continue reading

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In Berlin: “Probably had an Arab background”

Short Reuters story in the August 31 edition of 24 Hours, ending with “Probably had an Arab background”: Rabbi Attacked Berlin One of the first rabbis ordained in Germany since the Holocaust has been beaten up on a Berlin street, … Continue reading

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On The List; Off The List

Small Associated Press story in today’s Metro Ottawa (“City recognizes Islamic holidays”), being taken from a Vancouver Sun story of yesterday: Hamburg becomes 1st German city to recognize Islamic holidays BERLIN – Authorities in Hamburg have become the first in … Continue reading

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Greece: Allnight Dance Fadeout

Greece hasn’t done what it said it would do, fiscally, for at least a year and a half. Germany’s next to last move was to buy back bonds from its own banks to avoid default. Presumably Germany as the bondholder … Continue reading

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