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From Paris Requiem by Lisa Appignanesi (2001). At a graveside service: He heard a sob and wondered whether it was his own. He had come a long way to do his grieving… Thought I’d left it at home

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No Eulogy II

Wrote about a deceased minister insisting at no eulogy at his funeral. Seemed odd. Then attended a number of funerals where lots of laughter and tears in eulogies by family members. Then thought of funerals of my parents. Don’t remember … Continue reading

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“I DO believe there’s something else”

Burton Cummings, October 12, 2013, via Facebook comment, following the interment of his mother’s ashes: I’m not a huge fan of organized religion, but I have faith in something. Far too many religions are based on fear and secrecy and … Continue reading

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Tyler Perry: Grace Kept On Carrying Her

Saw the entire funeral. Couldn’t turn away. Cousin Dionne Warwick wondering where Aretha was, despite her absence having been announced earlier. Mood set by Tyler Perry. Religious belief is everything, and always:

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Last Dance

He was a friend of my brother. “Died suddenly”, as they say, in the context of the collapse of a marriage. “He blew his brains out,” said my brother, who has a colder (and more realistic?) take on life. and … Continue reading

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No Face: Wall of Fire

My mother died of cancer on July 11, 1990, at the age of 68. Cremation decision, by my father, I guess, or she may have specified. Went through the wake, she being embalmed, but closed casket, opened only privately, for … Continue reading

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