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“You are like the little clown, who jumps out to try to be the leading drama actor, and ruins my drama.”

My, my, how the lines keep coming. A friend who clearly is at ease with the stage. Or writing scripts. Of life.

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“You cannot think, and you don’t remember. That’s why your blog is some damn YouTube collection.”

During some “blunt discourse” with a friend, in relation to what gets put down here. Frankness, with respect and a smile. I think. Or as I recollect.

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Obtuse and Clear

From an e-mail exchange with Neil Remington Abramson, September 29-30, 2012: Bruce: I was thinking of putting this extract up as a separate article. It’s still quite thick, at least within the limits of my own understanding. Could you succinctly … Continue reading

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One Way Communication Ticket

We are all individuals, utterly alone, even within the crowd. I suppose that, in a way, broadcasting is the mindset of the novelist, who surely writes for someone, whether in truth they exist, or not. My childhood friend, Neil Abramson, … Continue reading

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Here’s The Phone: Past Becomes Present

Was at a fundraising reception, hosted by an embassy. Out of my element. There as companion contributor to older mentor. He’s comfortable in the setting, despite not knowing that many in attendance. Elegant older couple stands close by. Older mentor … Continue reading

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