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English- French, 1968

René Lévesque on Toronto campus: Courage of persuasion

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Hero, Demon; Pardon of The Scandalized

In relation to Michael Francis Fallon, the English Catholic Bishop who wanted to keep the French “in their place”, in terms of restrictions on French language education in Ontario. Issue once again of the dysfunction of the involvement of religious … Continue reading

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Regulation 17

Was reading La Rotonde, University of Ottawa student newspaper. Interview by Charley Dutil with Sébatien Pierroz, editor and journalist at TFO–Télévision Française de l’Ontario. Focus of the interview was on community newspapers, though a response to the first question raised … Continue reading

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Was reading a copy of the Bulletin, the monthly publication of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Impressed with how everything was in both Official Languages, and where both Official Languages were immediately present. No half magazine in English, then … Continue reading

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Asked the class how many students whose first language is not French take classes in French. Very few hands up. Very regrettable at the University of Ottawa, a bilingual university offering substantially parallel programs in both Official Languages of Canada. … Continue reading

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Boycottage anglophone

From La Rotonde, le 13 février 2017. Summary of global news of anticipated interest to the readership. Compiled and summarized by Clémence Labasse as “La Parenthèse française et franco-actus à travers le monde”: CAMEROUN – BOYCOTTAGE ANGLOPHONE DE LA FÊTE … Continue reading

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Bien Sûr

Was at the Office of the Auditor General, 1983-1984. At the time, language training provided by the office. Available to anyone who wanted to attend, in circumstances where the classes were part of the earlier or later work day. No … Continue reading

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