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So much less tiring

From an article by Andrew Marton, “Finally it’s time to meet the real Raquel”, Fort Worth Star Telegram, via Globe and Mail, August 28, 2001, p. R2, in relation to the transformation of Raquel Welch, as exemplified in her role … Continue reading

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Never Step Back

Be strong and never step back. Saw film on TVO, Toto and His Sisters. 2014 film by Alexander Nanau. Didn’t recognize the language or the director. Didn’t realize it was a documentary; cameras seemed too close for action to be … Continue reading

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Nick Sherman: Find My Way

I tore this house down A thousand times In my mind Heard the song at the end of the documentary Survivors Rowe. Story of abuse of an estimated 500 aboriginal boys at the hands of an Anglican Church predator, and … Continue reading

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Nikka Costa: Push & Pull

He’s good at being what he’s not Turning on television end of movie turns out to be Blow (2001) film never seen but heard about. End credits and this comes on You give and you take and take what you … Continue reading

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Meet The Patels

Came across this 2014 documentary, Meet The Patels: A period in the life of Ravi Patel and his family, as shot by his sister, Geeta Patel. How it came together: All these angles and edges when one’s parents try to … Continue reading

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Low Down Talent

You fall to a place Where you can’t find the need To maintain yourself Or your environment From the film, Low Down Tracks (2015), directed by Shelley Saywell, where the artists and their music are coordinated by Lorraine Segato: Trailer: … Continue reading

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Title of a 2001 novel by Hal Niedzviecki. Also the name of the title character, in a book about his relationship with Debs. Written when Niedzviecki was in late 20s. Never heard of the author or the book. Came across … Continue reading

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