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Was at a Steve Bell concert, courtesy of Lorne and Vivian Anderson. Mix of music and related thoughts. Prior to doing a song about his 32-year old marriage (Steve Bell is 54), a song written to commemorate the 30th anniversary … Continue reading

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Was speaking with a friend whose parents had divorced in the 1950s, at a time when the adultery grounds had to be set up with photographs, and where the party to the adultery was named. Cause for reflection on the … Continue reading

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Guardian of Convenience

Prepared appointment of guardian document for someone leaving the country. Post divorce and custody order, he was leaving to join his new flame in another country. Uncertain when or whether he would be back. Child around 10. Appointing his sister … Continue reading

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Ghost of Support III

Wrote about reverse mortgages and questioning why they would be needed, if parents in need had adult children. Neil Remington Abramson commented on the circumstances of parental support of their own parents, within his own family. A friend cited in … Continue reading

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False Start

I was the one who commenced the divorce proceedings, in 1997, precipated by certain events, which caused me to view divorce as imperative. Got my lawyer from the Yellow Pages. Luck of the draw; she was cool and so very, … Continue reading

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Joint Ending

When married couples separate, often there is so much disagreement over the children and immediate financial issues that property, will and estate issues get overlooked. I am aware of one situation where a married couple separated, and the spouse who … Continue reading

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In The Zone

When the justice system is perceived to be grossly unfair, one ends up in a zone of life definition through a particular frame: This clip was originally posted on my Facebook Wall by a Facebook friend who asked me, “Is … Continue reading

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